Don’t base your view of Home Schooling on what you read in the news!

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There has been a surge in interest in home education recently and increase in the number of families turning to this option in place of school. So there have been varying reports in the media. Unfortunately, media coverage of home education can be misleading. This is because it is usually based around misinformed dramatics, the... Read more »

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Can we educate against hate?

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You may have seen in the news that a new website has been launched by the government called Educate Against Hate. This is an approach by Nicky Morgan to counteract extremism and radicalisation, both very sensitive issues featured in the news fairly frequently recently, and to give parents, teachers and educators advice on protecting children... Read more »

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Engaging parents in students’ learning

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Studies consistently show that parental involvement in children’s education has a significant positive impact on their educational achievement, both in early years and on into adolescence and adulthood. Most children have two main sets of educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parental education dominates during early years and gradually becomes less... Read more »

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GCSE Leisure and Tourism: getting started in a growth sector

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GCSE Leisure and Tourism is a vocational GCSE introduced in September 2002. As it is relatively new and not quite as widely available as more traditional GCSEs, students – and, particularly, parents or guardians – may not understand what this qualification is all about. Leisure and Tourism GCSE teaches you about travel, entertainment and tourism.... Read more »

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