Home Schooling Groups – a valuable resource

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I’ve been visiting some groups of home educating parents recently whilst promoting my new book and it’s been enlightening to see how diverse they are and what a valuable resource they offer to home schoolers. Some offer a structured learning activity for the children, whilst others offer a more social occasion with activities for the... Read more »

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Technology in the classroom – an ongoing debate

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There have been some interesting articles in the media recently concerning the use of technology in the classroom. It’s been sparked by a study which found that large investment in classroom technology and frequent use of technology in lessons has created poorer results in English, Maths and Science. The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)... Read more »

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How do home schooled children learn?

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When most of us think about learning we think about the approach we’re most familiar with; a formal school approach with children at desks, in a classroom, receiving lessons from a teacher, studying or doing research through the printed word either online or in books, practising academic exercises that are continually measured, tested at certain... Read more »

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The advantages of studying GCSE Irish

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In a world in which young people are being constantly reminded of employability and the terrible job market, you may wonder what the point is in learning minority languages such as GCSE Irish. While languages such as German, Spanish and French are spoken widely across the world, meaning that learning them will potentially provide students... Read more »

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