Why is Home Economics GCSE being scrapped?

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Recently the Government has proposed that GCSE Home Economics, along with various other GCSEs which have also been branded too ‘soft’, should be scrapped. It has stated that GCSE Home Economics will be discontinued from 2016, because it is reportedly not only too ‘soft’ but has too much overlap with GCSE Food Technology, a comparatively... Read more »

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That’s entertainment: a GCSE in Hospitality

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The hospitality industry is a thriving sector, offering a variety of career opportunities. GCSE Hospitality is a vocational qualification, introduced in September 2002 along with seven other vocational GCSEs, to provide options for students who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning. What does this course include? GCSE Hospitality gives you an overview of the... Read more »

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Eight things to expect from A Level Psychology

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Although certain schools offer Psychology as a GCSE subject, a majority do not, meaning that when it comes to choosing A Levels, Psychology is an entirely new subject for most. This does not prevent it from being an extremely popular A Level; in fact last year 97,095 students chose Psychology at A Level. If you’re considering... Read more »

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