Applying to Graduate School in America: After applying

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You’ve finally finished applying to Grad School, what a relief – congratulations! You should start receiving decisions from your universities of choice at the beginning of March, but remember to check each online application regularly for any changes, as not all universities will notify you by email. You might think that there’s nothing else for... Read more »

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Ten Anthropology books you should read

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If you’re thinking about taking up anthropology at degree level, or you’re simply curious about the discipline, it can feel quite intimidating to figure out where to start reading. Anthropology is a vast subject, encompassing elements of other disciplines in its methodologies and analyses, and as a result, there are thousands of books and journals... Read more »

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What Does The New Tory Government Mean For Us?

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The new conservative government will preside over us for the next five years, bringing new laws into practice, while scrapping other (important) ones in the process. Britain, now fully in the hands of the Tories (besides Scotland who, thankfully have an SNP majority), will change drastically, and while a handful of us have the privilege of remaining relatively... Read more »

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Applying to Graduate School in America: How to Apply

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  For the previous post in this series, I created a guide detailing the steps you need to take before applying to graduate school in the US. Now that you’ve finished those procedures, you’re ready to apply to your chosen programmes at your chosen universities. There is no easy way around US graduate applications: it can be a long, gruelling and... Read more »

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