Study Skills: How to Reference Part 2

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This is a continuation from my previous study skills post on how to reference. Here, I will detail four of the main referencing systems used in UK universities across various disciplines: Harvard, APA, MLA and MHRA. Note: Since each referencing system is expansive and covers not only citations, references, footnotes and endnotes, but also document... Read more »

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Study Skills: How to Reference Part I

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  For many students, one of the most difficult elements of transitioning from secondary/high school to university is learning how to reference. Unless you’ve taken the IB, chances are, you may not have been taught how to reference until you start university. This is a travesty in itself! Referencing is a fundamental skill necessary to write academic papers,... Read more »

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Home education for dyslexic children

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Home education can be a very successful choice for those children with Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a confusing difficulty with much controversy surrounding it, identifying itself in a multitude of symptoms. It particularly affects the way in which children read and process words and symbols. In a class setting, with much of the work revolving around... Read more »

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