Does class size matter?

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When my mother (now 92 years old) started teaching, it was just after the Second World War. Some of the first classes she faced in north London had 50 pupils. She found it very difficult to keep discipline, and very difficult to keep the attention of every student. The reason the classes were so big... Read more »

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Tutorhub featured in The Mirror

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Just a brief blog post today, to share with our regular readers the news that Tutorhub has been featured in an article in The Mirror, in a piece entitled ‘How can I make money from home using the internet‘. Dr Sue Black takes a look at seven ways for people to earn money online, examining:... Read more »

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Skype calling: exciting ways to use video chatting in the classroom

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I’d like to share with you some ideas for embracing modern technology… Parents and teachers alike may sometimes become frustrated by school children’s seeming addiction to modern technology: kids glued to their mobile phones, even in class; sons and daughters locked in their bedrooms during the evenings and weekends, endlessly chatting online to friends who... Read more »

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