The Battle of Waterwho?

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In June 2015, it is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a seminal moment in British history. Had Napoleon not been defeated by the Duke of Wellington’s army, it’s possible we’d all be speaking French today and live on an island colony of the Empire of France. Certainly, French territory in Europe would... Read more »

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Student house decorating on a budget

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Students, are you planning on doing a spring clean out and switching up your room? Or perhaps you’ll be moving in to a new student house in September and you’re wondering how you will go about making it a home? Whatever your situation is, it’s always a fun and positive activity to improve your living... Read more »

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Sleep well, revise well

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Are you one of those people who spends more time worrying about revising than actually doing it? And, as a result, are you one of those students who ends up cramming for half the night before an exam? You are not alone. More than half of 13-14 year-olds squash all their revision for an exam... Read more »

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How can we influence our children’s achievements?

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There are many influences in a child’s life which help make education successful. Ironically these are not always to do with study, teaching, curriculum, or the things we associate with learning itself. And, having been involved with both teaching and home educating, I’ve noticed that these influences cross over both communities. For the important things... Read more »

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The increasing worry of pressure on our young learners

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It’s very saddening to read of yet another report about the pressures of our exam system pushing children to depression, self harm and thoughts of suicide. Professor Merryn Hutchings from the London Metropolitan University says that pupils are becoming anxious, stressed and disaffected because of the intensity of the academic structure forced upon them. And... Read more »

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