Are schools cheating too?

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In 2013, 37 primary schools had their national test results for individual year groups completely scrapped by exam administrators due to ‘maladministration’. A lovely, euphemistic word. According to the Civil Service’s Standards and Testing Agency (STA), it means in fact that 37 primary schools carried out acts ‘that could jeopardise the integrity, security or confidentiality... Read more »

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Are SATs tests such a good idea?

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Every May, children in Year 6 at schools in England have to undergo SATs tests. These are a marker of a child’s understanding in basic maths and literacy, before they progress to secondary school. In 2013, the Department of Education added an extra test – in spelling and grammar – to those in reading, writing... Read more »

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Why are there not enough new teachers?

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Teacher training recruitment has fallen short for the third year running. In the 2014-15 intake, there were 7,700 fewer trainees recruited then in 2010, leaving a shortfall of 4,000 against the Government’s recruitment target. These students will of course become new entrants to the profession when they qualify. According to the Government’s own figures, the... Read more »

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How’s your reading and vocabulary?

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How’s your spelling? How would you get on with ‘accommodate’, ‘rhythm’, ‘conscience’ or ‘occurrence’ if I asked you to spell them without looking at them? If you find it difficult, you’re not alone – over half of adults in a recent survey had trouble spelling commonly used words. In one of my roles I’m an... Read more »

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