What Ofsted could do to Christmas!

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Read something funny for Christmas; pop over to this article in the Guardian and have a laugh! It’s a light-hearted look at what Ofsted could do to Christmas. It’ll be familiar to many teachers! The comments are enlightening too! Light-hearted it may be, but it certainly makes you look at the way in which we measure... Read more »

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Hands up – who loves homework?

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For many students, coming home after a long day at school the last thing they feel like turning their minds to is homework. Indeed, homework has received such a bad rap in everything from film and television to our favourite pop songs, that we often associate it with punishment and see it as the teacher’s way... Read more »

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Keeping children curious at Christmas!

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Home educating made it extremely difficult to keep secrets from the children at Christmas, because there was rarely an occasion when they were out of the house like school children are. But we felt that an inquiring mind was the foundation of an educated mind; an essential prerequisite to learning which sparks motivation, discovery, self... Read more »

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