Top tips: choosing a school for your child

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If you live in a rural area, you may not have much choice about the school you choose for your child to attend, and even in better-served urban areas, nearly all schools use proximity in their admissions policy so competition for places may depend on your exact home location. Where there is an element of... Read more »

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The subjects you’re ‘must’ take for the best university places

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Going back to last year, the government introduced a new league table – another clever way of keeping schools locked into the ‘exam factory’ style of education and to make sure that they’re been constantly monitored. This idea was to look at A Levels and what it calls ‘facilitating subjects.’ Schools were recorded on how... Read more »

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School discipline – how big a problem is it?

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Every so often, the issue of discipline in schools rises to the surface of the soup of education discussion. The Department of Education apparently has to issue direction on how badly-behaved pupils can be disciplined in schools. Guidance sent out earlier in 2014 told schools to use “tough but proportionate” punishment to stamp out persistent... Read more »

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University Foundation Years – a good idea?

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So you want to start University but your A-level options aren’t appropriate to the degree you want to start, or perhaps your A-level grades aren’t good enough, maybe you have a lot experience but no recent qualifications, perhaps you want to change your career path altogether. Then it’s time to think about a foundation year. So what is... Read more »

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