Why start a Geology degree?

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Are you looking at University courses? Not sure what to choose? Have you thought about a Geology degree? ‘Geology, it’s just about rocks’ I here you cry! And to some extent this true, but there is so much more to it than that. Rocks are simply the building blocks that Geologist use to understand how the world... Read more »

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Social class and educational attainment: how closely are they correlated?

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Quite rightly, getting a decent education is regarded as a fundamental right of all children, yet research indicates that equality in this sense may be somewhat of a pipe dream in England, since social background and income are inexorably linked to a child’s educational attainment. Recent findings from the Institute of Education (IOE) in London shows that... Read more »

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Keep politics out of it!

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Here’s an interesting report about differences in achievement. It’s a paper by Professor Steve Strand of Oxford University saying that the ‘attainment gap’ between pupils is not to do with the discrepancy in provision in schools, as per Ofsted findings, but is more to do with varying factors in the child’s experiences and opportunities outside school.... Read more »

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Does home education mean home alone?

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The thought that their children might be educating at home alone can put some parents off home educating. But with the growth in home educating groups the reality is quite different for most families. The name ‘home’ education also creates a false impression of children learning in isolation and rarely getting out to meet and... Read more »

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