A buyer’s market for top student places

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In one of those odd alignments of the planets, three factors arising from government policy have come together in 2014 to create huge competition among top universities for the best students. It’s very much become a buyer’s market for students who are predicted, and then achieve, high A level grades. Firstly, the Coalition Government removed... Read more »

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Getting back to university: what to expect

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Brace yourselves, various cities of the UK… the students are back to university. Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of students descended on their chosen institution to begin or continue their university lives.  There’ll was the Fresher’s Fairs and parties to go to – not to mention the talks, lectures and continuation of courses to... Read more »

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Lie-in and learn better!

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The flexibility that home education offers means that families can take advantage of the times when children learn best. And for teenagers whose sleep patterns are majorly disrupted that can be a real relief! It’s not just laziness that keeps them in bed in the mornings, as some parents would like to think. Neuroscience is... Read more »

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Online tutoring is experiencing rapid market growth. Why?

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Online tutoring is something that we are becoming more familiar with in the education world. It’s been around for a number of years, but only really taken off with the growth of broadband internet and improvements in communication technology. What started off as just a good idea, has been transformed into a multi-billion-pound industry, with many thousands... Read more »

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