10 differences between home education and school

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Many parents ask what are the main differences between learning in school and home education? That’s quite difficult to answer as these differences develop from the fundamental approach and philosophy to education, quite different to an institutional one, which home school families develop over time through a variety of approaches. But here are ten most... Read more »

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Poverty and performance at school

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In September the Department of Education presented the results of phonics reading tests taken by 5-to-6 year olds in summer 2014. Around three-quarters of pupils reached the required standards – that is, to decode at least 32 of 40 unknown words by using the phonics reading method. That a quarter of children tested did not... Read more »

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Do teachers need to teach university lecturers?

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Some of the country’s most elite private schools are receiving complaints from their students who’ve gone on to university about the standard of teaching they experience in their first year of higher education. The issue was raised by the schools’ heads at the recent annual meeting of the Headmasters and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC). The heads... Read more »

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University inspection system changing?

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Did you know that universities up and down the nation are responsible for setting their own standards?  I know, it surprised me too. At the moment, with the present fees of £9,000 per year, it’s hardly surprising that students are considered consumers – almost to the degree (pardon the pun) where their consumer nature outweighs... Read more »

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