How many hours do teachers actually work?

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Depending on who you talk to, teachers work anywhere between ‘a cosy amount of hours, leave by 3:30pm and then enjoy massive holidays’ to ‘a horrific number of stressful hours in overfilled classrooms, trying desperately to fit into our exam culture.’ The former will come from disgruntled parents, educational traditionalists and anti-unionists I’m sure.  The... Read more »

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Educating with curiosity

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Children come already primed to learn, although many educators disregard that fact and therefore miss out on this potential. They are primed by their natural curiosity. Which is why they do all those irritating things when they’re toddlers like opening cupboard doors, pressing keys and tapping the Ipad when you’re using it. They don’t do... Read more »

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What do home educators do all day?

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Days can flash by so quickly when you home educate. But some people do wonder how, envisaging long empty hours. This is rarely the reality; families soon get into the swing of life without school routines and a pattern of learning and living gradually falls into place. This becomes established through the approach families take... Read more »

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