Top resources for GCSE Drama

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Drama is a wide ranging subject at GCSE level. It can involve: thematic work, improvisation, physical theatre, costume, set design, make-up and masks, puppets, lighting and sound, and even stage management. The following resources have been selected as the best for GCSE Drama: GCSE Bitsize Drama: If explorative strategies like Still image/freeze frame, Thought-tracking or Narrating are new concepts, GCSE Bitsize Drama... Read more »

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Top resources for Foreign Language GCSE’s

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The purpose of this blog post is to share with you websites that we have found that provide useful resources for students taking GCSE Foreign Languages: GCSE Bitesize: French: Hone your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in French. This site offers enough material to enable students to do everything from understand spoken directions to... Read more »

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