Top tips: writing great essays

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Like it or not, essays are part of your life at School, Sixth Form College and University. Writing a good essay is not only key to getting good marks for your homework, but essential if you are to get the exam grades that you deserve. But essays often pose a major challenge to students, largely... Read more »

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Are free schools now in trouble?

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Academies were designed to give the senior management of a school free control over how they wish to spend their money, focusing on areas them deem to be important. The result?  Schools gripped the Olympic Fever effectively turning into academies for sport, lack of resources in other areas of school life… and the distinct impression that, actually,... Read more »

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Benefits of online tutoring: what the research says

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What makes online tutoring effective? What are its benefits? To date there has been plenty of anecdotal feedback that it works, there is limited academic research completed on the subject, which is why I was interested to see a paper called Best Practices in Online Tutoring by Cherie Mazer.  The American researcher used data provided by a US-based... Read more »

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