Tips for tutors: best practice online tutoring techniques

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Tutoring can be challenging, particularly for those without extensive teaching experience. Online tutoring poses it’s own problems, when you are separated by distance from the student. But there are tutoring techniques that are proven to work, and have been been recommended by academics who have studied best practice in online tutoring. We think that this research is... Read more »

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Internet safety: The 4th “R”

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Education used to focus on honing skills in reading, writing and arithmetic (the “three Rs”) but these days, a fourth crucial skill is proving to be a source of worry for parents across the globe: internet safety. Latest research indicates that 91 per cent of children aged five to fifteen have access to Internet in... Read more »

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The different forms of plagiarism to avoid when writing an essay

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Let’s face it, essay writing can be a rather dull and uninteresting process.  All of that research and writing, quoting, referencing, editing and the inevitable stresses that come with it.  To quote one of my friends on the subject ‘if you’re not tearing your hair out over your essays, something is probably going wrong.’ Therefore,... Read more »

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