Top tips: Taking a multiple choice test

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Multiple choice tests may seem like the easier option at first: you don’t need to write an inordinate amount of text, discuss or defend your points of view. Yet they can also be one of the trickiest tests to master. For one, a well drafted test depends greatly on the examiner’s ability at making clear... Read more »

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Top Tips: How and how not to revise

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Students sometimes take years to devise an effective revision strategy which truly reflects the amount of hard work they have been putting in throughout the year. It is no secret that the most successful students aren’t necessarily the ones who study the longest hours or sacrifice a personal and social life; rather, the lucky few... Read more »

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Top resources for Primary School Geography

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There are lots of websites out there that provide resources to parents, to support their child’s learning at home. We have taken a good look at all of the websites out there, and what follows is our list of recommended resources for Primary School Geography: Sparklebox: This site features a host of resources on topics for... Read more »

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