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Just a quick post to let you know that Tutorhub was featured in The Telegraph last weekend.

In an article entitled ‘Online learning: tutors at your fingertips‘, Katie Hughes took a look at tutoring, the Tutors Association and the increasing numbers of students turning to online tutoring.

The article focused on the businesses and agencies operating in the online tutoring market, and did not cover independent tutors offering online tutoring direct, which has resulted in some criticism from within the industry, but nevertheless shed some new light on what is happening in the new and dynamic market of online tutoring in the UK.

When looking at Tutorhub, Katie wrote:

“Online tutoring service Tutorhub, which has more than 5,000 students and 700 tutors on its books, has been among those at the receiving end of parents’ attention. “We’ve seen a 500 per cent growth in demand over the last 12 months, across every subject imaginable, at every level – especially from students in rural areas,” says its founder, Jon Ellis.

With an online teaching hub you can offer a lot of specialist knowledge that students aren’t going to be able to find locally.” And the price of this knowledge – imparted by teachers, lecturers, examiners and Oxbridge graduates – averages £20 per hour.”

We are certainly seeing rapid growth in the UK online tutoring market, but to my mind – as someone who has been operating here for some time now, it’s still in it’s infancy – I would classify it as early stage. I do see it as having the potential of transforming the tutoring industry, from one where only some can afford or find a tutor, to one where tutoring is available much more cheaply and available to all.

Later on in the article Katie wrote:

If tutors aren’t known personally, is a child’s online safety at risk? Jon Ellis ensures Tutorhub teachers are CRB or DBS checked.

Katie highlighted different approaches to child safety, as not all online tutoring businesses require formal CRB / DBS checks.

It’s an interesting article, and I would recommend that you take time to read it. My favourite quote from the whole article was from Nathaniel McCullagh at Simply Learning who wrote “A great tutor online is worth much, much more than an average tutor face-to-face.”

All that remains is to thank Katie Hughes for the article.





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