Government funding axed to thousands of vocational courses – but is it the right call?

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One of the more popular ways back into education or work is through the use of the vocational qualifications that are on offer.  At present, there are quite a staggering number on offer, so you’re never short of different options, depending on your experiences, tastes and other previous qualifications. The actual number is quite staggering... Read more »

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Teachers in crisis and the effect on our kids

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There was an insightful and thought provoking article in the Guardian recently that every parent should read. It shows just how much teachers are in crisis. Before jumping to the conclusion that this is just teachers moaning again and they should appreciate the money and the holidays it would serve us better to understand just how... Read more »

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Top resources for Primary School Art

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  We get asked from time to time to recommend resources for students at school. This blog post lists our favourite early years resources for the subject that we all remember most fondly from our school days – Primary School Art.  We hope that you find these websites useful: Primary Art: Target at children aged 9-11,... Read more »

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Are we putting too much pressure on kids to play sport at school?

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Football, rugby, cross-country, cricket (if you were unlucky enough), hockey, netball, athletics, dodge ball… Yeah, I remember all those. Why do I remember them?  Simple: PE lessons. PE and sport is probably the overriding memory people have when they think of their school life.  It broke the year group down socially.  From day one, you... Read more »

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