Top resources for Primary School Science

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When children start primary school it may well be the first time that they encounter science. It’s only natural that parents will be on the look out for resources that will help them support their learning at home. This blog post includes our recommended resources for Primary School Science. KS1 Bitesize – Science: This resource... Read more »

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Top Tips: Getting your kids to do their homework

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Whether or not homework is useful for children has proved fertile ground for debate among academics over the years. Those against it often claim that homework can detract from family life and foster an ultra-competitive academic environment, and that homework is often designated as a matter of policy, not necessarily to hone in on crucial... Read more »

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Top Tips: How to write an essay

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When we talk about stress, it often is in association with tests or exams. Essays, however, can also be an extremely difficult challenge for budding writers, especially when the essay is lengthy and requires footnotes, authority sources and smooth, flowing language which does not come naturally to some students. The purpose of this blog post... Read more »

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