Social media – is it a tool for learning?

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When people think about home educating they often assume that it is the same as school except with the parents ‘teaching’ the children at home. However, that’s rarely the case; parents and children are engaged in learning together and it is often the children who are driving the education for themselves (see how it works... Read more »

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Are School uniforms really necessary?

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The debate continues to rage about the relevance and need for school uniforms, which has set me to think about how much they cost, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and whether in this day and age whether they are really necessary. Lets start with the cost. According to a survey conducted by the charity, Family Action, the average cost... Read more »

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£3m spent on wine at Cambridge Uni. Cheers!

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Money is tight everywhere. What raises most people’s hackles is when waste is identified – particularly when this could be reinvested in the education system. It’s been a memorable news week, for those looking for the establishment to share in the pain of the Recession. First it was news that the Royal Household told to tighten it’s pursestrings,... Read more »

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