12 tips for improving your speed reading

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Whether you are studying for your A Levels or for University exams, chances are, you have a considerable amount of information to comprehend, process and memorise. You will be much more effective in your learning if you can read and assimilate information quickly. So, the purpose of this blog post is to provide information about speed... Read more »

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We’re not anti-school, but here are 15 reservations we have about it!

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There’s a common assumption that if you’re a home educator you’re bound to be anti-school. That’s not the case. Most home educators appreciate that schools work very well for most families. And their decision to home educate is not a criticism of teaching either, as some teachers see it. It’s appreciated that teachers’ potential and... Read more »

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School Snapchat bans are a waste of time

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If you aren’t on Snapchat, then the chances are the first thing you learn about it is via shocking headlines warning of “bullying threats” and “sexting dangers”. Snapchat is the social network that lets you send pictures and videos to your friends on the basis that the images vanish within ten seconds. Though created for... Read more »

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