Can new teaching methods improve results?

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Forward thinking schools around the world are abandoning teacher-centred teaching styles in favour of brand new methods which are promising excellent results, at the very least, because they are managing to raise enthusiasm among students who are tired of tightly regulated, chalk-and-blackboard learning. These are a few new methods making the educational world sit up... Read more »

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5 tips to help your child’s reading

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It’s a common assumption that children need a qualified teacher and a systematic reading scheme in order for them to learn to read. This isn’t strictly true as many children actually start reading at home before they even come into contact with a guided approach through parental encouragement and support. Each child has their own... Read more »

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New Year’s objectives – some things to think about

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When the New Year begins it’s a good time to consider our objectives for our children’s education as we would make resolutions. Normally, objectives for education are based in a very long-term future, focus on things outside the child, and are generalised. They often go something like this: test passes, good grades, qualifications, university, well-paid... Read more »

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