Understanding home education and how it works

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Another increasingly popular alternative to mainstream schooling is home education or home schooling. This is when parents exercise their legal right to educate their children at home. The term ‘home’ educating tends to give an inaccurate impression because most parents include a wide variety of opportunities outside the home in their educational provision, visiting sites... Read more »

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Geography students: Internships and graduate work – it’s all out there!

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Perhaps one of the least talked-about subject areas to study at university is that of geography.  According to the Royal Geographical Society, 30,000 students are currently studying it for a degree and this number has steadily been on the increase. And when you get out of university with degree in hand, you’re likely to fare... Read more »

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Discover a world of learning with our favourite education blogs

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The more you delve into the fascinating world of education, the more exciting it becomes – educators across the UK are dreaming up new, creative ways to awaken students to the joys of learning through strategies like student-negotiated learning, critical questioning and original activities. These are some of the Top 10 Education Blogs in the... Read more »

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