Testing times for our children

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Some new research and a couple of policy announcements have caught my eye just recently and it’s about time had my tuppence worth on the important issues raised. First off, a new report has found that one in five young people in the UK say they have ‘abandoned their ambitions’ because of poor grades. The... Read more »

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Counting the cost of graduation day

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Over the past few nervy weeks students the length and breadth of the UK have come to the end of an anxious wait as GCSE and A-level results are revealed. Those A-level students achieving the results they needed will, in the coming months, be setting of into the unknown where their futures will be forged... Read more »

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Could this herald the end of school as we know it?

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With the launch of a new higher educational project, an online university Futurelearn, education is taking another new turn. The project sees UK universities beginning to offer massive open online courses which could ‘revolutionise conventional models of formal education” according to the universities minister David Willetts. (BBC news) But perhaps it will go beyond that... Read more »

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Beyond school skills: 5 ways to extend your child’s education

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Education is not just what happens to your child in school. It extends beyond that. Children’s educational attainment is also dependent on them developing in ways other than fact gathering and grade getting which is often the focus of curriculum. Their personal, social and general thinking skills count towards making them rounded, educated young people... Read more »

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