The Tutors Association: your chance to have your voice heard

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News hit us in May that the Centre for Market Reform of Education had come up with proposals for the introduction of The Tutors Association. Its focus would be to improve industry standards and provide guidance for those procuring tutoring services. The Tutors Association has started its industry-wide consultation. It’s looking to gain input on its proposals for... Read more »

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Top Ten: Excuses for getting out of school games

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Several recent reports in the media have bemoaned the dwindling amount of time set aside for school sports and games, with education inspectors saying there’s not enough strenuous physical activity in many of England’s school PE lessons. For some students it’s a sorry state of affairs as they look to assert there sporting prowess but... Read more »

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What are my responsibilities to my child? Tutorhub explains

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It is generally accepted that parents always want the best for their child, isn’t it?  It’s a simple fact of parenting – that you’re going to need to support your child.  In the UK, parental responsibilities are governed by the same pieces of legislation which define their and their children’s rights: namely, the Children and Young... Read more »

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Should payday loan companies be banned from advertising at all UK universities?

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The National Union of Students (NUS) has called on more UK universities to get behind its campaign aimed at protecting students from marketing by payday loan companies. Payday loan adverts are already banned from campus at the University of East London and now the universities of Northampton, Northumbria and Swansea have all joined the fold.... Read more »

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Top Tips: How to raise a teenager

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Despite how difficult long, sleepless nights and toddler taming can seem, for many parents, one of the most challenging times in terms of family relationships, is when children enter into their teen years. Suddenly, issues that never seemed to arise in the past, such as independence, boundaries and a newfound quest for freedom, can throw... Read more »

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