Essential Steps To Take for Homeschooling

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If you’ve decided that homeschooling is the best fit for you and your child, it is surprisingly easy to develop a plan of action and follow through. Homeschooling is a legal right in the UK and in fact, it is implicitly recognised in England and Wales under Section 7 of the Education Act of 1996, which... Read more »

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My perfect teacher in ten traits

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I think that most of us hold a particular teacher from our childhood in cherished memory; that special person who ignited fires of inspiration and instilled within us a thirst for learning. There are loads of good teachers out there, but in my experience the special ones are few and far between. Do you remember... Read more »

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Who will really benefit from a new national association for private tutors?

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As we reported earlier this week, a consultation is now underway which may lead to new rules providing a form of regulation for the private tutoring industry. Tutors will be expected, but not obliged, to abide by minimum qualification standards and sign up to a national association for tutors after concerns were raised that poor tutoring may... Read more »

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