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When we first set out to launch an online tutoring service, our expectations were very high. Why not have an online tutoring experience as good, if not better, than traditional face to face tutoring? Top of the wish-list was a user-friendly online classroom, a place that was easy to connect with and use.


To date, our online tutoring classroom has sometimes proved difficult to connect to. New customers and tutors have been required to configure their ‘Flash Settings’ with support from the team here at Tutorhub. This is far from the seamless experience we are looking for, and it has long been our plan to transition to new communication technology, as soon as the opportunity arose.

The good news is that a tech project known as Web RTC (Real Time Communication) has become mature enough to be included in Google Chrome. We have decided to move to this technology straight away, as it improves the ease of setup along with the sound quality and reliability of sessions. This is a first for us, as to the best of our knowledge, we are the first online tutoring business to use this technology.

So what does this mean for our students and tutors? Well, for those using Google Chrome you will be connected via Web RTC straight away, after undergoing a quick automated microphone and headset check. For those using other browsers, there is now an automated Flash setup process.

So what of the future?

The good news is that the Mozilla Firefox browser is close to embedding Web RTC, so we expect to be launching Web RTC on this as well.

To start with, we are continuing to provide voice facilities, but our plan is to widen this to full two way video coverage, as soon as the opportunity arises.

Watch this space 🙂


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