An update on MOOCs: Strides and strife in the US as the UK ploughs on

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Here at Tutorhub, we’ve been keeping our keen eye on the embryonic educational phenomenons that are MOOCs (massive open online courses) and an article from the BBC today raised an eyebrow, with me at least. Coursera, arguably the behemoth amongst fledgeling online universities with a whopping 2.8 million registered students has just announced it will... Read more »

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Top Tips: Choosing the right school for your kids

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Choosing the right school for our children has never been more important. While the life options available to our kids seem increasingly narrow, what with ever shrinking catchment areas and the list of puzzling lexicons in our education system stack up – Academy, Free School, Community, Foundation – it’s understandable that many parents are losing... Read more »

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Top Tips: Avoiding university fines

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It has emerged that students in the UK racked up fines totalling £551,237.30 in the last academic year alone, following a Freedom of information request from the Guardian. Offences like drunkenness (shock horror); smoking and unauthorised parties have all rendered naughty students somewhat out of pocket. On the bizarre end of the scale, students have been fined... Read more »

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