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Over the last couple of months we have been talking to lots of parents, kids and tutors about what they like, dislike and want to see on our homework help website. The feedback has been very positive – they understand the attraction of student to student homework help, and see the value of professional one to one support from a tutor. People have told us that there are some additional things that are important to them, and taking on their feedback, we have today launched a new look website.

Not only do we have a new homepage, but there are a bunch of new social features for the first time. Using the Twitter-style ‘follow’ feature, you can build study groups, invite friends to join your study group and follow your favourite tutor on a chosen topic.

We have some additional new features in the pipeline, all of which will feel like big leaps forward. In the meantime, we will keep on talking to customers, until we know that we are delivering precisely what people are looking for – only at this stage will we know that Tutorhub is right.

If you would like to help us with this process, just contact me at jon@tutorhub.com for a chat.


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