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Research carried out by The National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations has shown that low-level disruption and bullying are top of the class when it comes to parents’ worries about their kids education.

Distraction, there's an App for that...

The exclusive research is a couple of years old now, and we want to know if parents today feel the same way – what worries you most when your kids leave the safety of home and toddle off to school?

A quick vox pop of the office parents mirrors the findings of the study – disruption by other kids is the major concern. But shouldn’t we be more concerned about the general state our schools are in? And anyway, what is more disruptive – excitable pupils or mobile phones and handheld games consoles?

The research revealed that:-

92% of parents believe their child is safe at school.

73% are satisfied with their child’s education.

76% believe other children’s behaviour disrupts their child.

27% think the parents of misbehaving children should be fined or imprisoned.

90% believe that parents who struggle to control their children should receive support.

44% say their child has been bullied by fellow pupils, however 62% feel the school is doing enough to deter bullying.

82% say they find parents’ evenings useful.

39% say they are worried about their child’s health and rising levels of childhood obesity

71% find end of key stage tests valuable.

58% find league tables valuable.

Here at Tutorhub, we want to know if the findings are as relevant today – are bullies and class wreckers still top of the worry list? Or are today’s parents more concerned about wider issues that impinge on learning such as the education infrastructure, teaching standards and funding cuts? If you are a teacher, what do you think parents should be most worried about? Use your unique perspective to educate our parents on what really affects day-to-day learning.

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  1. Flossy

    I can relate to most of the above concerns. Whilst 73% say that they are happy with their child’s education, it leaves 27% who are not. This is one of the reasons people turn to private tutors. I must say that getting this service online via a service like yours is a very good idea.

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