How valuable are workbooks for home education? 7 ideas for their use

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Looking at the array of academic workbooks in any major bookshop you’d wonder if you’d need anything else to educate a child! They pretty much cover every subject and every level. And with their bright colours and attractive illustrations and cartoons they can be very appealing to children. They are primarily aimed at parents who... Read more »

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6 tips to encourage motivated learners

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With increasing access to information and learning online, and the rise in home educated learners, children are able to take charge of their own education more than ever before. But how do we motivate them to do this, when so many are used to a more commonly spoon-fed type of learning experience, and when perhaps... Read more »

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Is there really a teacher crisis?

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Watching the advert to attract new teachers that’s been broadcast lately you’d wonder why we have a teacher shortage crisis on our hands; it looks to be such an appealing and self fulfilling job where you have the satisfaction of making a real difference. But the very fact that an advert is necessary, plus several reports... Read more »

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