Engaging parents in students’ learning

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Studies consistently show that parental involvement in children’s education has a significant positive impact on their educational achievement, both in early years and on into adolescence and adulthood. Most children have two main sets of educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. Parental education dominates during early years and gradually becomes less... Read more »

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GCSE Leisure and Tourism: getting started in a growth sector

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GCSE Leisure and Tourism is a vocational GCSE introduced in September 2002. As it is relatively new and not quite as widely available as more traditional GCSEs, students – and, particularly, parents or guardians – may not understand what this qualification is all about. Leisure and Tourism GCSE teaches you about travel, entertainment and tourism.... Read more »

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How useful are the Times Tables?

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The return to school this week goes hand in hand with new government plans for every child to know their Times Tables, up to twelve times, before they leave primary school at the age of eleven. The children will be given on-screen tests this summer – or checks as the government likes to call them... Read more »

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