Is GCSE Statistics right for you?

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Did you know it has been statistically proven that GCSE Statistics is a great subject for many students? Whether you’re a maths whizz feeling pretty confident about starting GCSE Statistics next September or you’re yet to decide whether Statistics is the right subject for you, I’m here to give you a run through of what... Read more »

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The subject of social sciences

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Mysteriously, when the GCSE results are presented every year, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) lumps together the results for law, sociology and psychology GCSEs into one ‘range of related subjects,’ which it calls Social Science Subjects. The numbers of entrants are admittedly not large – 42,637 students sat these social science GCSEs in 2014.... Read more »

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Additional Science: Mind the science gender gap

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The provision of science study at GCSE level in schools is enough to make one’s brain hurt, and questions on the internet show some students are slightly baffled too when trying to pick out which revision guides they should be following. The options are to take a single ‘science’ GCSE which combines chemistry, biology and... Read more »

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Are schools doing enough to promote good mental health?

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Recently, UK schools have started introducing Mindfulness classes, in order to ‘help teenagers’ mental fitness’. Although there is little empirical evidence to prove that exercises such as these make any difference, it is still early days. The classes are being treated as an experiment to see if these mindfulness exercises can protect young people from... Read more »

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